Mobile-friendly sites

We develop mobile-friendly sites with Responsive Web Design and Separate URLs configurations.

A site that we design with RWD adapts its layout using propotion-based, fluid grids, flexible images and an extension of the @media rule (CSS3 media queries). Responsive design serves all devices with the same code that adjusts for screen size.

The Separate URLs configuration is a fast solution for existing sites that are designed only for desktop. Separate URLs means that each desktop URL has an equivalent different URL serving mobile-optimized content (a common setup for this is: - )

competitii sportive mobil competitii sportive mobil
competitii sportive iPad competitii sportive iPad
competitii sportive pc competitii sportive pc

GoMo Report - Are you mobile-friendly?

With the help of the tools that Google provides, we offer a custom report with information about the mobile-friendliness of your site.

From this report you will discover first of all if your site in mobile-friendly and how your site looks on a mobile device. Also, you will find out if the content of your page can be easily read or if the page is hard to use (link to close together, content wider than screen) when accessed from mobile devices.

Please fill out the form below and we will send you a custom GoMo Report!